Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Say cheese!

When you have a baby all you do is take a gizzillion pictures!
But babies don't always look at your camera or don't smile.
I saw this project which I thought was really clever. 
I immediately thought I could knit something like this!

So for the head and the feet I used the Hippo Sock pattern from mybootieknits
but you could use any puppet pattern.
I you use the Hippo Sock pattern, you have the bind off the feet after consolidating it.
For the head, I stopped at round 12 and I consolidated and bindded it off.

Here is the pattern for the body.
Note that it will depend on the size of your camera lens. So you will have to adjust depending on your camera lens.

You will need:
3 mm double pointed needles
2.5 mm double pointed needles

Cast on 60 stitches on 2.5 mm dp needles and join
Rows1-5 sockinette stich p-k 
Make sure it fits on your camera lens, if not, adjust the number of stiches to cast on.
Switch to 3 mm needles
Row 6 knit all
Row 7 *k1 - m1* repeat 60 times (120 sts)
Row 8 knit all
Row 9 * k1 - m1* repeat 120 times (240 sts)
Row 10 knit all
Row 11 *k1 k2tog* repeat 120 times (120 sts)
Row 12 knit all
Row 13 *k1 k2tog* repeat 60 times (60 sts)
Row14 knit all
Bind off
Sew the side you have just binded off to the last row of sockinette stitches (row 5)
Sew the head and the feet of the puppet on the body. Make sure to place them so you don't hide the lens. In my case, it hides the flash, but it's okay, I just won't use the flash.

To make sure the body holds on to the lens, I slipped on an elastic. This way, even if you move the camera around, the body will not slip off.

And voila! you have a camera puppet which will make your babies smile in front of the camera!

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